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20,99 EUR*
Details Value in Marx: The Persistence of Value in a More-Than-Capitalist World

Long prone to dogmatic disagreement, the question of value in Marx's thought--what value is, the purpose it serves, its application to real-world capitalism--requires renewal if Marx's work is to remain vibrant. In "Value in Marx," George Henderson ...

53,90 EUR*
Details The Value of Learning: How Organizations Capture Value and ROI and Translate It into Support, Improvement, and Funds

The Value of Learning Presented in an easy to read format, The Value of Learning shows learning and development specialists how to capture six types of data to demonstrate the value from learning and development. Concepts that are used are not only ...

58,49 EUR*
Details Recognizing Public Value

Mark H. Moore's now classic Creating Public Value offered advice to public managers about how to create public value. But that book left a key question unresolved: how could one recognize (in an accounting sense) when public value had been created ...

165,84 EUR*
Details Value-Based Software Engineering

Value-Based Software Engineering It is the goal of Value-Based Software Engineering (VBSE) to develop models and measures of value which are of use for managers, developers and users. This work details the foundations of VBSE, followed by a ...

11,43 EUR*
Details Cables To Go Value Series Videokabel (RCA Stecker, 3,0m)

Kabel / 3 m Value Series RCA Composite Video Kabel / 3 m Value Series RCA Composite Video

43,48 EUR*
Details Euro 2016 International Decor packs-available aus nur € 33,60 Für Value Pack, Value

Fantastische Dekorationen. Wir haben alle Größen (eine passende Größe für 's Budget und Größe - ob es für Ihr Zuhause mit Freunden zum der Streichhölzer, in der Kneipe, oder auf einer größeren Ort. Vollgestopft mit Dekorationen wie internationalen ...

10,37 EUR*
Details VALUE HDMI UltraHD Kabel+Eth,A-A,M/M,3m

VALUE HDMI UltraHD Kabel+Eth A-A M/M 3m VALUE HDMI UltraHD Kabel+Eth A-A M/M 3m

36,24 EUR*
Details Place Value (Kid-Friendly Computation)

Place Value Formerly published by Zephyr Press This resource helps elementary students successfully learn place value concepts with visual and kinesthetic learning strategies and includes a wealth of worksheets, assessments, and overheads for ...

12,19 EUR*
Details Shock Value

Timbaland - Shock Value - Cd

12,91 EUR*
Details Face Value (Rachel Gold)

Face Value: A Rachel Gold Mystery (Rachel Gold Mystery) - IPS